Virtual Reality can inspire new stories about the world and our place in it…

So we co-create VR Experiences that empower, transform, and uplift.

Because the real change takes shape when the headset comes off.

You have the vision, expertise and passion to change the world.

We partner with you to take your ideas - fully fledged or only a seed - and grow them into impactful Virtual Reality experiences.

The more interdisciplinary and innovative the project the better.
Moonshots are our sweet spot.​

Based in British Columbia, we are here to serve the planet through projects that make a positive social impact. We actively invite collaboration that celebrates diverse perspectives. 

Virtual reality applications are where we shine, though we work with all sorts of emerging technologies. Teams come together for projects in a way that is flexible, collaborative and equitable.

What we're up against

Humanity is facing totally unprecedented challenges, within and without.


The breadth, depth and interconnectedness of the problems we're facing are totally new.

The dominant paradigms of the last century can’t solve the problems they have caused.


But there's a way to something better...

Not just prolonged survival, but a whole new way of being that transforms our current devastation, isolation and despair into something joyful, empowered, playful and creative. 

This is where we come in. 

How we overcome

Playful, but always with purpose

Chaos is the best starting point. In fact, it’s how we flourish by revealing the insightful gems that help us build a better world…

Inspiring awe, to catalyze change

Through our projects we bring positive social change not from a blueprint but emergently – through each person’s experience of shift and wonder.

Uniting dreamers

The Banging Rocks network is a collective of Cultural Creatives – radically creative minds who converge to deliver the solutions humanity needs to flourish. Join us!

What we're building

A virtual art gallery where you can interact with over 18,000 exhibited works from the Canadian Federation of Artists
An immersive Tibetan Buddhist meditation for healing and cultivating compassion
A VR escape room that asks you to make positive change to find a way out

We don’t have all the answers. But we have some good ideas.