Episode 8: Phoebe Titus – Banging Rocks TV

Phoebe Titus is a colourist & artist/animator who brings a fine art background to all of her work. As a colourist, she has worked extensively on indie films, including “Freya”, (2020) that have won top awards in the festival circuit, as well as features such as “Broil” (2019) which are currently in distribution. Her colour work has appeared on music videos, feature films, political, educational & corporate content. She is a passionate advocate of the creativity at the heart of the indie world full and the people working to communicate meaningful stories in innovative ways.

As an artist/animator, her work has appeared in film, educational material, as well as collaborations with live theatre featuring hand painted animatics to be projected behind the actors to augment sets. The process of working interactively on the live performance pieces drew her to VR because it puts the person inside the visual experience & lets them experience the immersive quality the artwork. The project, “A Wall Opens,” (in progress, 2020,) a surreal VR escape room, came out of that desire to create hand painted, interactive immersive environments.

This conversation’s discussion of colour in film & media briefly touches on the topic of skin tone which is a much broader topic that deserves more attention, context, & a diversity of voices than is possible in this format. Here are 2 links to videos that begin to give an overview of the history, science, & racism around how human skin appears on film. https://youtu.be/d16LNHIEJzs & https://youtu.be/ArjLBRxudQs.

Phoebe Titus
Colour: https://vimeo.com/340118051
Animation/illustration: https://vimeo.com/482456178

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