We’re facing totally unprecedented challenges, within and without.

But when we see the challenges as Quests, we become empowered.

As we become more hopeful and engaged, our belief in ourselves and our ability to effect change blossoms. As we change, we find our people – others, called to the Quest with their own stories. Allies. Friends. Family.

As that change becomes more pronounced, we see our ability to join forces and create new systems – new games – that transform our most dire challenges.

We change the world by changing ourselves. We help others change by providing new stories, new perspective, and new tools to explore ourselves and the world around us. 

What we're building...

An immersive Tibetan Buddhist meditation for healing and cultivating compassion
A virtual art gallery where visitors can interact with over 18,000 exhibited works from the Federation of Canadian Artists
A VR escape room that asks the participant to make positive change to find a way out