A Wall Opens


A Wall Opens explores interwoven stories of isolation and togetherness through puzzles. To solve the room, the player is encouraged to dig deeper into the story that surrounds them, finding hidden meaning in everyday objects.



Banging Rocks is pleased to partner with Phoebe Titus to bring "A Wall Opens" to life. 


Key Contributors

  • Phoebe Titus, Partner, Visual Artist
  • Daniel Lindenberger, Partner, VR Production Lead
  • Amanda Konkin, Producer 
  • Tim Gargiulo, Composer
  • Misha Samorodin, 3D Modelling
  • Nemo Wax, VR Production

Key Collaborators

  • Eli Haligua, Sound Design
  • Maia Kumari Gilman, Environmental Designer
  • Leo Recompsat, 3D Spatial Mockup Design
  • Natalie Moon, Escape Room Design
  • Rhiannon McGrath, Level Design

More details

Project brief

A Wall Opens is a counterpoint to the traditional Escape Room genre, replacing the feeling of time pressure with one of contemplative exploration, and emphasizing positive change in its puzzle solving. Rather than focus on a rapid escape from a space, it instead invites the player to understand its space and characters, and through that understanding transform and move past a given puzzle.

A Wall Opens also explores through its puzzles and themes illusion and perspective in new ways only possible in a Virtual environment.


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