The Artemon project is a partnership with the Federation of Canadian Artists to turn their database of more than 18,000 exhibited works into a new kind of Virtual Art Gallery. The experience empowers visitors to create their own gallery experiences suitable for a range of uses (a school class, exploration of a given artistic theme, one’s favourite works, etc.) with the ability to discuss the individual works chosen and galleries created with the artist, one’s colleagues and friends, or the public generally. 


Proof of Concept


Federation of Canadian Artists

  • Patrick Meyer, Executive Director
  • Lalita Hamill, Artist
  • Amy Dyck, Artist

Banging Rocks

  • Daniel Lindenberger, Founder
  • Nemo Wax, VR Developer
  • Misha Samorodin, 3D Modeling
  • Maia Kumari Gillman, Architect / Artist

More details

Project brief

​The arts are facing challenges due to lack of space, accessibility and interest from youth – with the post-covid environment amplifying those challenges. Artemon is an interactive gallery that enables remote viewing of the entire collection as well as online purchases. The online version would be matched with a physical VR location on Granville Island. With more than 35,000 art museums in North America alone we see the implementation options as endless.


Vive Pro Eye headsets