Episode 3: Lalita Hamill – Banging Rocks TV

Classically Trained VR Artist

Lalita Hamill is a Canadian artist, philosopher, writer, educator and facilitator who speaks candidly about her own experiences with depression, loss of faith in humanity, questioning whether or not visual art matters, and wondering about the future quality of life for all who inhabit this planet.  Though these are heavy topics, Lalita’s insights are peppered with humour and explored with light-hearted curiosity.

Lalita is a classically trained professional artist who attended the Vancouver Academy of Art and is a Signature member of the Federation of Canadian Artists and an Associate Member of Oil Painters of America. She paints primarily in oil, yet is accomplished with acrylics, watercolours, and all drawing media as well. She is a sought-after instructor and juror who has inspired hundreds of artists to create, challenge themselves, and apply what they have learned in the studio to their every day lives.

Lalita has been described as a ‘passionate polymath’ who uses her wide range of learning in topics connected with philosophy, psychology, music, and education to explore the human condition through paintings and virtual reality.

Lalita speaks to the benefits of discomfort, the value of visiting one’s shadows, the importance of staying open and curious, and the necessity of feeling one’s emotions without story. Lalita refuses to fall into the stereotype of ‘poor, suffering artist’, for one can choose to not suffer.

“I create paintings and teach to gently awaken in myself and others that which has been lost, hidden, or buried.”

 See her paintings at:  www.lalitahamill.com and follow her on Instagram at LalitaHamillArtist


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