Banging Rocks | Our Team
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Our Team

Daniel Lindenberger

Level: Head Monkey
Class: Monkey of Evolution
Character Description:
Whether making up singing silly songs for his sons or developing project proposals, Daniel likes to bring his creativity to bear in novel ways.

Daniel’s passions for community, education, programming, augmented intelligence, games and societal improvement form the basis for his work at Banging Rocks.

Claire Roberts

Level: Head Monkey
Class: Monkey of Creation
Character Description:
With more than a decade of experience in the gaming industry and as an artist in traditional and new media, Claire brings inspiring worlds to life.

Together with Daniel, Claire helps Banging Rocks chart their course, provides visual and artistic direction, and hosts days-long development sessions for the Banging Rocks team.

Kent Whitfield

Level: Guild Member
Class: Code Wizard
Character Description:
Kent’s coding skills were honed in the arcane world of legacy system administration. He brings this together with his passion for gaming and creativity to the Banging Rocks team.

The first to brave the Banging Rocks Arcane Academy, Kent has collaborated on both Musaeum and Robocolony, and is looking forward to his next Banging Rocks quest.

Katherine Song

Level: Neophyte
Class: Data Weaver
Character Description: Katherine has been studying in the Banging Rocks guild hall for a while now, and is preparing to join on her first Quest in the near future. Her interest in breathing life into data to turn it into knowledge & story combined with her desire to craft artifacts for Good have the team excited to be working with her.