VEC Career Fair Part I: OODA Looping

9 Days ago, the VRARA offered us the chance to represent Banging Rocks at the Vancouver Economic Commission’s Digital Entertainment Career Fair. It was a perfect chance to practice the OODA Loop which fellow Launch Academy entrepreneur Leigh Sembaluk had introduced me to.

Leigh is a pro athlete turned bestselling author turned founder of the startup Preception, and is used to helping top-level athletes hone their cognitive performance. As he explains in various articles a key piece of excelling is improving how we interact with our environment. This gets broken into 4 steps: Observation, Orientation, Decide, Act

In this case the loop took about 10 minutes and looked like this:

Observe: Awesome opportunity to talk to more than 2000 people in and entering industries related to Banging Rocks’ work. Take a peek at the website for the fair and try to understand it better.

Orient: We’re working like mad right now to get ready for the upcoming TED VR / AR Open House, and this will mean a day of Fair plus prep and follow up out of that schedule. On the flip side, it means a great opportunity to talk to folks from great schools about potential partnerships, as well as find potential collaborators amongst the job seekers.

Decide: The opportunity is too good to pass up! Let’s do it!

Act: Email our confirmation, figure out our approach, start outlining the materials I’d have to prepare.

More on the Fair itself soon!

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